Van Kleef Museum Garden

From 1842 until 1986 all the Van Kleef distils were produced in the Van Kleef distillery. Fourteen distilleries used to be located just in the city centre alone.
In 1986 Van Kleef had to close her doors as the last remaining distillery of
The Hague.

It was decided that a fully operational distillery in the centre of town wasn’t
ideal. In the remaining alcohol cellars, which are located under the barn,
it is possible to store over 35.000 ltr. of alcohol….
For safety reasons, the distillery, adjacent to the shop, was demolished in the beginning of the 1990’s. The shop never changed, the distillery is now turned into our museum garden.

When "Dutch weather" allows, we serve tasting and even complete diners in the museumgarden.


If you want to "get in the mood", watch this video for a sneak preview of the museumgarden. 

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